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TAPI – NO to powerful drugs

The drugmaker TAPI said it won't make any a greater amount of its narcotic propofol, which could increase a deficiency of a standout amongst the most well-known sedatives in the U.S. The medicine is difficult to produce...


Concentration as a stage in downstream processing and what it entails

In concentration as a stage in downstream processing, the filtrate which is free from suspended particles normally contains 80-98 of water. The product that is desired is a very minor constituent. In order to achieve the produc...



Retrosynthetic analysis and related terms in synthetic organic chemistry

This analysis is defined as a method for problem solving in the preparation of untreated synthesis in synthetic organic chemistry. The process is attained by transformation of a target particle to simpler forerunner elements wi...


Downstream Processing, a very valuable process in the production line

Downstream processing is a supply chain process that is the end process after upstream and midstream process. The upstream process deals with the fermentation, elimination of waste and the product is recovered and harvested. Th...