Synthetic Organic Chemistry: A beginner’s guide

What is synthetic organic chemistry?

If you are a student of chemistry, a high school student or just someone who is interested in chemistry,

then you should read this article that explains what synthetic organic chemistry is.

This part of chemistry is basically an engineering discipline. Synthetic in the name of this chemistry

discipline means that something new is being made from available materials. When it comes to this

branch of chemistry, that what is being made new from synthesis are various organic compounds.

These newly made organic compounds are constructed via different synthetic organic reactions or

natural chemical reactions.

The aforementioned branch of chemistry is mainly used in the creation of many medicines. This

chemistry discipline can also be described as the art of building up organic compounds from smaller

chemical entities. The main points of interest in synthetic organic chemistry are:

 Production of organic compounds of commercial interest

 Construction of new, possibly bioactive molecules

 Synthetization of very complex natural products

What methods are used in synthetic organic chemistry?

In order for someone to synthesize a complex organic compound, one must do a synthetic analysis and

planning. The best method for synthetic analysis is retrosynthetic analysis. Retrosynthetic analysis is a

technique in chemistry, which is used to solve the problems of organic syntheses, whether it be

synthetic or natural. This method was popularized by American organic chemist Elias James Corey.

Retrosynthetic analysis, also known as retrosynthesis, simplified, means planning a chemical synthesis

backward, starting at the product, which can be some complex organic compound, and taking it back

to the initiators of chemical synthesis.

Other methods that are used in this important pharmaceutical branch of chemistry include:

 Electrosynthesis

 Semisynthesis

 Stereoselectivity

 Synthetic Polymerization

Most widely used methods are electrosynthesis and retrosynthesis.

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