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Careers In Marketing

Marketing jobs are one the most sought after and they are also one of the most readily available, with an ever increasing presence. Marketing by Wikipedia is the means of communication between the company and the consumer. While it might seem ordinary to communicate, professionally, it requires a lot and that why there are so many careers in marketing and we will be discussing a few of them.

Top careers in marketing

 With an average salary of about a hundred thousand dollars, here are few of the top marketing jobs:

  1. Executive International marketer: most companies with international presence or say a global brand pick the best of the best in marketing to market their product and pay considerably well with an average pay of $280,000. A marketer looking forward to landing this job are required to have an MBA (Master in bachelor degree) form a top and reputable program. An executive international marketer must be someone who is familiar with the international market and can come up with strategies that sell a product intentionally.
  2. Top channel developer: someone equipped with the skill of developing after carrying out market research and feasibility studies, a channel that maximises profits. Very few people fall into this category of marketers who have the necessary experience, technical know-how and knowledge to develop these channels and that is why top companies ditch a whole lot, about $260,000 for their services.
  3. Market Research Executive: with the internet becoming a world of its own and customers in millions on it daily, it has become a nice spot for research and top marketing jobs requires marketers to conduct their research on it with the help of tools like web analytics and other powerful tools. The analysing of the web helps in understanding customers’ preference, locating the appropriate audience for a particular product. The internet is not the only place where marketers carry out their research, they go into locality and carry out feasibility studies too. they are being paid an average of $193,000 for their works with the salaries increasing.
  4. Marketing director: a marketing director is needed in a company without a marketing department and he is solely responsible for every marketing activity.  A very scarce marketing jobs given that most companies have marketing departments, in which division of labour is applied concerning every marketing works. A marketing director is required to have industry experience, managerial experience in marketing and they are paid an average of $152,000.
  5. Ecommerce marketing director: an ecommerce performs everything a marketing director does, but does most of his online and they are very much in demand. Given their knowledge of traditional marketing as well as online marketing, they are always in need by companies who are ready to pay them an average pf one hundred and forty thousand dollars.
  6. Database marketer: responsible for analysing data on profit, sales, consumers etc. a very crowded niche in marketing as there are more database marketers that there are database marketing jobs.


    These are the few marketing career with good salary package.

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