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Important Engineering Jobs

Engineering as a discipline spans various fields, some which are ancient as time itself like civil engineering, mechanical engineering and some which are relatively new like software engineering, biomedical engineering. While all engineering job are important, some are higher in demand, boast of better salaries than others, hence, making them appear to be more important.

According to a salary survey NSPE Nuclear and Petroleum engineering graduates get the highest salaries in engineering jobs with a salary of range $126,000 to $129,000. Such salaries make these two very important to engineering graduates. Aside salaries, Nuclear engineering is important as the need to explore nuclear energy safely is ever increasing, as the enormous power gotten from nuclear atoms cannot be put aside, instead safer way to tap from it are being explored amidst the danger that surrounds nuclear energy. While price of petroleum is dwindling across of the world, petroleum engineering still remains one of the most important and lucrative engineering jobs in the world. One other aspect of engineering that taps into the result of petroleum engineering is mechanical engineering, the filed responsible for every machine in the world today, from cars, factory equipment, agricultural tools, Generators to vehicles etc., machines are tools that make work easy, so simply put without mechanical engineering, things won’t be easy for man.

Civil engineering, one of the oldest engineering jobs is high in demand in the United States as a result of decay in most of the nation’s infrastructure that were built a 100 years ago, effect of environmental hazards on even newer buildings, pipelines, building etc. makes civil engineering very important at the moment. With the high demand of civil engineers, The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2020, the current number of civil engineers will increase by 19 percent. In similar demand as the civil engineers are the environmental engineers who are needed now more than ever with the continuous erratic change in climate, the need to explore other energy sources with petroleum slowly dwindling down and even not recommended due to its high content of carbon which is causes havoc to our ozone layer, update on environmental infrastructures that have over the years suffer decay. These environmental issue are pushing up the needs for environmental engineers, thus making environmental engineering one of the most important engineering jobs at the moment.

Rave of the moment in engineering and probably the most demanded of all engineering jobs, software engineering is highly important and cuts across every aspect of life.  Graphic designers need software to design, architects do too, so they can design buildings, companies do too, they store database on with the help of these software. There is software for most anything these days and who do you go to when you need one? Your software engineer! This constant need for software engineers makes software engineering very vital.

There are other important engineering fields, like electrical engineering, structural engineering, system engineering and so on but these few above stand out on importance based on how lucrative they are and how high the demand for them is.

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