High Potency Drugs At Low Concentration

A drug with a high potency is one that stimulates a response at low concentration. Affinity and efficacy

determine how potent a drug is. Affinity is described as the force that leads to a combination of particles.

And efficacy is the ability of a drug to deliver therapeutic effects.

Absolute caution is advised for the purpose of safety of those involved in the production of high potency


Due to the high level of toxins that these drugs are prone to carry, protection has been advanced from just

personal protective equipment. Use of isolator technologies has been put in place to protect the employees

from getting exposed to a potent element.

Of all the proposals there has been on which method to use to determine potency, the one that has

received extensive use has to be the (category 1 = low toxicity; category 4 = high potency) 2.

Classification of high potency drugs can also be done through the use of occupational exposure bands.

A drug is described as potent when;

 Its biological activity is 150ug per body mass kg

 It’s likely to cause cancer, reproductive toxicology, and cell mutations. These might be happening

at unnoticeable rates.

 The presence of unknown elements in the body is noted.

Products which are known to be in this class include digoxin and alprazolam. Manufacture of these drugs

is faced with not only safe handling setbacks but also the fact that production of homogeneous products in

units contains a very little quantity of the drug. In order to curb this, experts have are considering

absorbing the drug as a liquid, and encapsulating it in a soft gel.

The benefit of this procedure is that there will be a reduction of exposure rate since there will be no

release of airborne dust.

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