Medicine finds its application in Science jobs category

Medicine finds its application in Science jobs category

Medicine is the application of science related to the diagnosis and treatment of living beings. It deals with prevention of diseases. Science jobs include medicine practice and also research and development of health care. There are various departments that have been categorized for detail study of these subjects.

A medicine student can choose any of the following fields after a graduation in medicine and look for a bright future.

A Science job mainly includes many science-related occupations like;

  • Bioengineering: This is the field that takes into account both the engineering and medicinal aspect of human beings. The engineering is for the man-made body parts to cover up the damaged organs or parts of the body.
  • Biomedicine: this is the study of how nature and environment affects our soul and body gradually. It finds a vast application during space travel.
  • Cardiology: The discipline and study of heart and its various features and outlooks.
  • Cytology: This deals with Research and development mainly of cells and multiple divisions.
  • Dentistry: Dentists are doctors who look after the growth and problems with teeth.
  • Gynecology: the study of reproduction in human beings.
  • Hematology: it is the study of blood and how it affects the human life.
  • Immunology: This study deals with the immunity of the body and its adaptability and dependence.
  • Neurology: Nervous system and its impact on the human body and mind. Neurology is a vast study.

There are many such department under the Science job category that a student can look forward for a career in science specially in medicine. Other than just practicing the special subjects and laying emphasis on them, surgery can also be a good option for them. Simple diagnosis is the recent demanding Science job that does not require very high qualifications. These career options include clinical diagnostic services, pathology assistant and laboratory testing co-ordinator.

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