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How billions of people worldwide have benefited from TAPI

TAPI has improved the health of billions of people all over the world through over 35000 formulations.

TEVA API delivers services beyond medicine through its partnership with other organisations.

This success comes from relentless drive to understand the needs of the patients and meet them through different innovations. TAPI also identifies global trends and responds to it using flexible business model. TEVA API’s generics portfolio has expended affordable medicines around the world.

Medications on the leaf

TEVA API leads in innovation when it comes to treatment for disorders of the Central nervous system this include pain. TEVA API has also a strong portfolio of different products to treat respiratory disorders. TEVA API works towards enabling patients be able to

  • Take medicines in an easier form
  • Take medicines less frequently
  • Enjoy better outcomes
  • Experience fewer side effects

TEVA API engages in issues relevant to its stakeholders and business for example affordability of medicines, accessibility of medicine, the safety of patients and the support services to the patients. This is made possible by strengthening healthcare systems, acting responsibly and also acting ethically.

TEVA API upholds ethical standards by participation in the United Nations Global Compact. This is the largest corporate liability proposal in the world and also ratifies the commitment of TEVA API to accord with maximum moral principles in a transformed code of business behaviour that was set back in 2013.

Many healthcare needs continually to emerge in the world that population changes daily together with the economy and the society.  TEVA API continues to respond the challenges to continue its legacy of being a company driven by the needs of the patients and not a company that only looks towards its profits. At TEVA API, patient involvement is just as significant as substance interference. The success of TEVA API is measured by nothing else but by the lives of the people it improves.


Responsibility of TEVA API towards protecting human rights

Every human being has their rights. All human rights should be respected at all costs. There are different players involved towards seeing that human rights for every individual are protected. TEVA API is among the companies that ensure that your rights as a human are well protected. There are many human rights

Human rights are the rights inherent to all people irrespective of your place of residence, sex, nationality, colour, religion, language, ethnicity or any other status. These rights are indivisible, interdependent and interrelated and we are equally entitled to our rights without any discrimination.

Human rights

According to the universal declaration of human rights, there are 30 universal basic rights that everyone must enjoy. Below is a list of some of them

  • We all are free and equal
  • No slavery
  • The same rights to use the law
  • We all are protected by the law
  • The right to life
  • Fair treatment by fair courts
  • No unfair detainment
  • Don’t discriminate
  • The right to trial
  • Innocent until proven guilty
  • No torture
  • The right to privacy

There are many other rights but let as now see how TEVA API helps in protecting some of these rights. First, for someone to enjoy their right to live, they must be healthy, eat, have shelter and be secure. TEVA API ensures you are alive by helping you directly or indirectly. Through TEVA API’s corporate responsibility programs, there are different measures TEVA API has taken to ensure that people get medicine at a cheaper price. Those who cannot afford drugs are given for free via the non profit making organisations TEVA API has partnered with in the areas in which it operates.

TEVA API also plays a great role in protecting the environment and the safety and security of her workers everywhere.



API Production – what is it

A group of pharmaceutical Companies think it likely to earn billions of revenue in past years. They are using continuous process for making Api products.

According to Business reporter some news is that a lot of companies are trying to produce more drugs for great outsource revenue. For many years Ape Manufacturing played a vital role to deal with pharmaceutical markets to increase production of drugs   worldwide basis. It raises biologics and biosimilars and growth of valuable markets such as India and china etc. The Chinese organization has grown up chemical reactor since 2016.

To increase production in pharmaceutical markets and contract service providers are trying to increase capacity and volume of pharmaceutical manufacturing activities. Pharmaceutical Technology is professionals in formulations and manufacturing of recent drugs for North American markets. Pharmaceutical Technology discuss with many industrial expert to increase more quality production in API manufacturing. Many professional persons involves group leader, vice-president, innovation manager and sales operations manager, PhD, corporate sales , Process Development, Process Development Services API, and, discussed in a meeting regarding  API productions.

world map


At the time of manufacturing  of  API  there are many stages required  as like  chemistry plays a vital role  in manufacturing to handle require  solvents and reagents beside Plants  may have capabilities  to handle  temperature range  of the process

It is must to keep an eye on safety and hazards in undertaking process. It must be check raw material for the products and it must base on environmental solution.

Production process

FUTURE API MANUFACTURING:Perfluorodecalin-3D-balls

Biopharmaceuticals are developing new medical equipments for the patient to give them better treatment as did in the past. They are increasing volume in developing small molecules drug and more demand for API. Future API production involve online monitoring technology based on analytical methods to get much information due to manufacturing process in API. They have applied chemistry rules in their technologies and they are using chlorine solvents on industrial purpose at the time of manufacturing. Today more and more active products are produce with the help of bio gradable technologies. Nowadays, competitive environment demanding producers to produce great amount of API production. New modern equipments are increasing for manufacturing services. They are trying to enhance more and more products of API to achieve quality of goal base on safety measurement through latest technology for api.


According to some expert pharmaceutical technologist there are many factors involve like clinical phases, polymorphism control the size of products in manufacturing. These factors are impact into the product qualities and in cost of products also.

Several other factors also involve in undertaken process such purities and impurities levels and perform through safety evaluations

Notwithstanding the procedure figures, the accompanying components must be considered:

  • Interests in gear to work the conceived procedure at the coveted scale
  • Start-up time and time interest for limit changes
  • Simple process exchange between various assembling destinations to take care of nearby demand and bolster inventory network improvement
  • Accessibility and safe supply of beginning materials in consistent quality

Optimizing process chemistry:

Chemistry plays an important role in optimizing process of API Optimizing process chemistry. The chemistry process is optimizing approach several factors below:

  • Chemicals and reagents:

Is it biogradable or non biogradable?

Are chemicals and reagents available or not?

Suitable condition

  • Process control:

Is it requiring developing easy method to control the whole process?

Can we use analytical method and whole control process system handle

Continuous process

During the final process of API production it must be perform experimentation to determine Api in the event that the API can reliably be made with the required quality characteristics. The powerful fulfillment of these stage reasonable process streamlining attempts enables us to pass on choice clinical groups and business supply helpfully, which is crucial for our customers and their patients

API production of venlafaxine in the industry

Venlafaxine is a well-known tablet in pharmaceutical industry. It produces a high amount of profit for the

investors and the company. This product is not produce so easily. Regardless of the hue benefit of this

product it has a complex API production process. In API production list this capsule has a huge

manufacturers list. API production has a huge market in Asia.


This tablet is used as a capsule. This is made for the patients of depression. If you are in depression then

Effexor (brand name)is the best capsule for you. It a chemical compound which has carbon, hydrogen and

nitrogen in it. This is widely used by the patients of anxiety and the people who are suffer form headache.

Gross profit:

According to the analysis this drug sells have reached an amount of 880 million dollars. In the past years

it was the third most used tablet of heap pain by the patients. Now a days it stills has a large amount of

customers in the market. In API production list this product has a huge name.


If we talk about API production then many countries make this capsule now a days. Switzerland, New

Zealand and Australia are the main manufacturers of this product. It is widely used in the under developed

and developed countries. This capsule is manufactured in lot of brand names.

Pros and cons:

1) It removes the head pain fast.

2) It is cheap and available in every store.

3) You can eat this medicine without consulting the doctor if you are having a normal head pain.

4) This is made for the people who have migraine and mental depression due to any reason.

5) The excessive use of this drug can lead to edition and your head pain will not remove until you

use this capsule.

6) This capsule will give you relaxation but you will also feel sleepy at the same time. You may ot

be able to work properly for some hours after taking this medicine.

A brief about API production

With time and technology, it’s time for the Pharma firms to improve their procedures of producing

medicines across the world. Each and every strides used in this process have its own importance and are

quite important in the production of APIs. Many pharma organizations rely on API production suppliers,

for the ingredients as well as for the intermediates, which are outsourcing their products and known for

their quality.

Mainly APIs are used as one of the main ingredients for making sterile medicated products; therefore it’s

important to safeguard the production to reduce the changes of spreading the contamination. It’s important

to keep the equipments clean and sterile to produce the better quality of products. That is why it’s

important to hire a quality API production firm which can perform the task efficiently.

Since, it’s important to keep in mind that the production shouldn’t spread any contamination which can be

dangerous for the surroundings. Therefore choose an API production firm which is known for providing

quality products.

At present if you see the statistics of recent surveys, you will see that the Indian pharmaceutical industry

net worth is somewhere around $12 billion, which is quite a development with respect to innovation base

creation, base improvement and an extensive variety of generation. They are known for producing

medicines in bulk for several treatments.

Systematic Capabilities and Regulatory Filing Support for Contracted Customers

At any advancement stage and scale of synthesis, API production firms services for contracted clients

incorporate all supporting exercises that are required to be sufficiently cGMP compliant, for example,

 Process approval

 Cleaning approval

 Cluster discharge

 Scientific strategy advancement and acceptance

 Portrayal of strong state properties, e.g. molecule size dissemination and polymorphism

 Conduction of steadiness studies

 Confirmation of API structure

 Recognizable proof of pollutions

 Planning of Analytical Reference Standards

 Pharmaceutical written work

 Administrative recording support

Therefore it’s critical to select the best firm for your partnership or for availing the APIs.